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Julia, a pick up adventure: Details | LVK

Julia, a pick up adventure: Details


Ultimate graphic pickup adventure for mobile platforms. It packs a top of the line AI engine, high-end graphics, and a dialog interface to talk with Julia, that provides lots of replay value.


Meet a beautiful girl, and see if you can talk your way into a kiss, a date, or just her phone number… But be careful, watch out what you say or give her, because she’ll dump you in the blink of an eye. More than 12 hundred users of our interactive adventure have discovered that getting Julia’s number or a kiss is no walk in the park.


The game is also integrated with Game Center, OpenFeint and other gamer’s social networks that allows you to compare your pick-up skills with top-notch casanovas.
Quality is guaranteed, AI development and the mobile side is just our cup of tea and we work with spectacular designers. But you can always ask our users*:


Addicting! This game is amazing, I couldn’t stop trying to get Julia’s attention hehehe!!!
albolocura ★★★★★


Fun! And also even educational for some of us! Getting friendzoned like a boss 😀
Shinax ★★★★★


Loads of fun! The game is fun, although a bit hard! Hints would be appreciated 😉
pantag23 ★★★★★


Excellent game. Very addictive. You can’t stop playing. Excellent game to sharpen your pick up skills which are always handy.
Topgame3100 ★★★★★


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