We are hackers and geeks united by friendship, dedication and passion for software.
We are creating software we want to build. We are creating a company we want to work in. Ours is a small, tight knit outfit whose goal is to please our clients, build the best software in the world, have fun doing it, and eat at least one asado, the Argentine barbecue, every two weeks. Our idea of fun emanates from the geek within, so hours of hacking on mobile, Google Glass, GIS,  NLP and AI apps is just our cup of tea. We have been through renowned software companies on the planet (Intel, HP, Gameloft and a top notch NLP company), we have put satellites in space while working for CONAE (Argentine NASA) and our computer science skills (yeah, maybe our hacking skills too) were honed in one of the most prestigious schools in Latin America and France. So if you want great cutting edge software, come on, meet our team… see our work. Be assured, we have what it takes to get the job done, and we’ll love every minute of it.


  • Nesti




  • Nesti

    aka Néstor Bustamante

    Local guru of company values, specialized in global networking and international cooperation. He has been exercising his communication skills since high school through teaching, coaching universitary students and job colleagues. He is still preaching strong as a leader of HP Enterprise Services’ globally distributed teams. Formed as a computer scientist, he was an intern at INRIA working with GIS systems and graph models optimization. Great Java coder, and great C++ / Objective-C instructor.   Skills: Java, Scrum, Android, Objective-C, Linux, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL, Technical Training, Software Project Managemet, GIS
  • PDA

    aka Pablo Perez De Angelis

    Coach of the snowboarding troop. His drive comes from solving complex problems. So no one was surprised when he changed from Physics to Computer Science. He worked as part of research and development teams in natural language processing, data mining and artificial intelligence in companies such as Aivo and ViClone. Passionate about free software, especially Linux and Python, he advocates for Android as manager of the local Google Developer Group.   Skills: Python, R&D, NLP, NLG, Linux, Android, C, Java, Objective-C, Scrum, PHP, IOS, Google Glass, Linux shell scripting
  • Pez

    aka Gonzalo Buteler

    Master of the Argentine barbeque. Before graduation, he was coding for Apache Harmony. Today that code is running on every Android cellphone as part of Dalvik. Since then, he has managed to lead teams on the SAC-D/Aquarius project, a joint satellite mission between CONAE and NASA. He enjoys to coordinate large and distributed teams, but hacking is in his DNA, specially on his beloved Lisp.   Skills: Android, iOS, J2EE, C++, Objective-C, Python, Linux, Open source technologies, team building and management, Agile methodologies, Scrum Master
  • Tío

    aka Gabriel Miretti

    Head of the soccer analysis group. In the quest to make great products, he is focused on what is actually delivered to the user. Ingrained with correctness during his Computer Science career, he took the QA road: starting as a test automator on Apache Harmony Project and then Intel, passing through trainer and consultant roles on INTI (Argentine NIST), and working as a QA manager for CONAE (Argentine NASA). Collaborative by nature, he feels like a fish in the water with open source and agile culture, advocating for them in every talk.   Skills: Test automation: web, native & mobile applications. Continuous Integration. Java, Android, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl. Agile & Open Source advocate.  


  • Julia

    A Pick Up Adventure


    One of a kind chatbot builder

  • Julia

    A Pick Up Adventure
    Would you let a beautiful girl pass a lonely, boring night in a bar? Come on! What kind of guy (girl?) are you? Julia is by the bar, nursing a drink, waiting for you... Learn more ›
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  • Chatbot

    One of a kind chatbot builder

    One of a kind chatbot builder specially designed for high schools students.

    Sadosky Foundation product requested to FaMAF - UNC to be used in the nationwide contest Dale Aceptar 2.0. Developed by LVK in conjunction with the FaMAF LIIS Group.

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